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To watch the course online is absolutely free.


To enjoy the full experience and follow along the project folder will need to be purchased for a small fee.


Be sure to download the correct format.


For PC its recommended you use winzip or winrar to extract the file.


For mac use the archive utility.

Download instructions

Download is hosted on Sellfy. Once purchased if you do
not have an account with sellfy be sure to click the
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The project folder contains over 30 files.

All carefully selected and included for a premium learning experience.



- Photography [10 files]

- Design reference PDF

- Fictional branding document

- Font not included [link to free online source supplied]



- Photoshop Monochrome image templates [6 files]

- Illustrator patterns [6 files]

- InDesign business card template [Finished example]

- InDesign Letterhead template [Finished example]

- InDesign 12 page booklet brochure template [Finished example]

- Image links for brochure [11 files]

- Scamp design sheets [6 files]

By downloading files you accept the following terms and conditions

- You are responsible for extracting the .zip or .rar file using the correct software obtained by yourself.


- After 12 months files may be issued at reduced cost or as part of
a bundle.


- In the event of server failures, files may be temporarily issued on alternative platforms until store is re-established.

No more than a cup of coffee.

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