On this course we are going to design some stationary for a fictional brand.

This is a common scenario which any designer will face. So this will be be a good exercise for you, if you have not done this before. 

To help break down the process I have structured the course in three main sections:

Section 1 - Preparation & design process

Section 2 - Design & artworking

Section 3 - Exporting & printing

After watching this course, you will have a good foundation of skills to tackle other projects like
this in future.

Course index


Project folder available:


PDF doc:

PDF worksheet

Course index

Ep 1 - Design preparation

Ep 2 - What is a scamp?

Ep 3 - Design process

Ep 4 - What programs do
I use for print design?

Ep 5 - Create a pattern
in Adobe Illustrator

Ep 6 - Monochrome effect
in Adobe Photoshop

Ep 7 - Create a business card
in Adobe InDesign

Ep 8 - Create a letterhead
in Adobe InDesign

Ep 9 - Setup a booklet 12 page brochure in Adobe InDesign

Ep 10 - Add images to the brochure in Adobe InDesign

Ep 11 - Add type to the brochure in Adobe InDesign

Ep 12 - Booklet printing

Ep 13 - Export your document
ready for print

Ep 14 - Backwards compatibility

Ep 15 - Packaging your print document

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